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Remote work
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Home Office Budget
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Remote work

A truly task-based work mode. Regardless of whether you take a surf break on an Australian beach in the middle of the day, or you’re a night owl that wakes up in your home office at 10 p.m! What matters is the code and the application you produce!

Competitive Salary

Ensuring you receive the best pay, without the fluff!

Home Office Budget

Equipment, armchair, standing desk - a budget to improve your workstation, wherever you work!
Partnership Cooperation
In our company, we build communication as your partners, not cold, corporate superiors. By being a member of our team, you can count on full transparency, openness, trust, and sincere kindness.
Our goal is your success!
Each of our core team members has over 10 years of experience in programming! We are happy to pass our knowledge on to people who are eager to learn in the form of a mentorship!We support your open source initiatives and your career development. We believe that the success of our people is the success of the entire company.
Comfortable working conditions
We provide flexible working time and support remote work that ensures you have a work-life balance.
Continuous improvement of the company
We are open to feedback and new knowledge from people with different experiences and perspectives. We work with many experts and are constantly looking for new team members with whom we can share our experiences!
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