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Cross-industry specialists with
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Developing native apps for IOS
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Service includes

Technology and architecture review

Exploring your needs

In collaboration with the client, we define the scope of work, timeline, verifying feasibility, assessing costs.
Technology and architecture review

User Experience and developement

To ensure the highest quality we apply process of continous integration solutions, that detects any issues early.
User experience audit

Support and post-
release analysis

After release we support your company in making your products better based on users’ feedback and users’ flow analysis.

The Benefit of Native Apps
As mobile apps gain popularity, native apps offer outstanding performance in comparison to other cross-platform development. Native app development uses components that are designed for specific mobile systems which results in a more responsive and greater user experience.

Fast, Safe, Reliable

The biggest pros of cross-platform applications are the combined elements for web and apps. Hybrid apps are heavily dependent on third-party frameworks which are rarely updated and often contain security holes and decreased performance compared to native apps.

The native apps are written in languages specific to the operating system being used. For Android, Kotlin and for iOS, Swift is often used. This means those applications are tailor-made to specific systems. With native apps, you can fully benefit from all of their features and easily integrate with the entire ecosystem (ex. Google/Apple Pay, voice navigation, accessibility, and so on) which ultimately provide a better UI and UX.


Native apps are faster to configure because they must be compatible with only one platform. Access to the hardware features is fast and easy. By using native technologies, we have exclusive API’s offered by Google and Apple operating systems. Being fully supported by these platforms, native apps are more stable in both maintenance and development. In comparison to cross-platform frameworks, they do not rely on the support of third-party companies.

Native applications maintenance is less expensive, has quicker development times, and has easier integration of native features compared to hybrid applications. We aim to provide the best prices of native solutions based on the UX spec, integration needed, and budget; for iOS and Android applications.

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Media streaming
Android and iOS coding (Kotlin, Swift, Obj-C, Java, Kotlin)
Media streaming
Android Auto and CarPlay
Media streaming
Android TV and Apple TV Media Aplications
Media streaming
Mac OS and Kiosk Apps
Media streaming
Backend Solutions AWS
Media streaming
AI Solutions IMB, Tensor Flow

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