Used Cars NI

Industry: Retail - Automotive
Technologies we used Swift, IOS
The most important work:
Automation of testing quality code
Continuous Integration and
Continuous Delivery Maintenance
Used Cars NI

What we achieved together

Performance Improvement

We have fully optimized the performance by upgrading the back and front end code which decreased overall crashes by 800%.

Implementing Advertisement

Used cars now have implemented My Ads which looks into the user’s advertisements via mobile which gives the business a larger source of revenue

Improved architecture

By improving Used Car’s overall architecture, we were able to improve the stability of the app by reducing crashes which improved the features and allowed customers to save money.

Success stories

The purpose
The application was updated in order to decrease the large number of crases the website originally had and to optimize the overall performance. By starting with a code review offered to the client through an audit, we were able to use refactoring as a good way to improve app performance before even introducing new features.
The Challenges
Upgrading an older applications ecosystem was a tedious task and we needed to overhaul the majority of the code. This meant code quality improvement, fewer bugs, and a significant improvement in the speed of the app through a code audit and architecture designed by our experts.
The Solution
By improving the entire ecosystem of the map, we were able to decrease crash reports in a month by 50%, with a decreasing number of crashes overall by 800%. And with 1000 new installations monthly, we were able to help customers save money and enjoying positive feedback from users - the app can now be found in the top 10 among cars trading mobile platforms in the UK!
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