Radio Nowy Świat

Native Mobile App for Android, iOS
and Huawei AppGallery
Technologies we used: Swift,
Kotlin, Avaudio, Chromecast,
Airplay, Firebase
Created a new standard for Polish
Internet Radios
Business and Technology
Consulting with recommendations
for future
Radio Nowy Świat

What we achieved together

Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Radio Nowy Świat now has an MVP application that is fully accessible to all Android and Apple users. We were able to launch a successful application that now has over 250k daily sessions.

Business Consulting

Through the help of our consulting service, we were able to strategize a way to monetize radio broadcasting without any direct advertisements. This gave the business a strategic source of income without interrupting the user's experience.

Continuous maintenance and moderation

We offer to be part of the product every step of the way. We are providing continuous maintenance and updates for the application and with the popularity of this app, we are constantly monitoring all comments 24/7 in the Apple App Store and Google Store.

What they said about the app?

Success stories

The Creation of the First Mobile App
Our goal was to provide a minimum viable product that will give users an easy-to-use radio application while also providing consulting services to the business. These consulting services were needed to help create a monetization strategy.
Monetization Challenges
Finding a way to monetize the business side of radio broadcasting, without any ads was a challenge. By monetizing the product and by creating a love brand, a huge customer base was able to receive radio broadcasts without ad interruptions, completely free for a more enjoyable experience.
A quarter of million unique users in the first month
With the MVP, our launch was massively successful and even surpassed Netflix and TikTok in the app store. With the success of our application, we were able to achieve over 250,000 unique users in the first month and thousands of daily users.
Radio Nowy świat
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