Polish Radio London

Creating native Mobile app
Technologies used:
Android, Chromecast, Pirelle, Airplay
We achieved a complete
development cycle in two months!
Complete Platform Update
Polish Radio London

What we achieved together

Complete platform update

We have fully updated the old platform to make a brand new mobile app. We have taken the old application from a slow, outdated system and brought it up to todays standard by making it simple, lightweight and stable.

Short timeline

With the very short timeline, we were able to completely remake the app. This included changing the streaming service, in only a few months and, we were able to accomplish a stable program with with only 2-3 months of testing.

Advertisement Prioritization

By improving the overall platform, we were able to prioritize the advertisement placements. By minimizing advertisements directly in the streams and on the app, we were able to create a clear and positive experience through our understanding of user behaviours.

Success stories

The purpose
The application had a clear purpose. It needed to be simple, lightweight, and stable to drastically improve from the previous platform.
The Challenges
In order to make the application efficient, there needed to be a complete rewrite of the program. This meant completely re-writing the program and changing the streaming service in a short timeline of 2-3 months with a tight budget.
The Solution
Due to the complete rewrite, the new service was efficient, fast, and had less bloatware. The application is now growing exponentially with 300 installs and growing every day.
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