Covid Selfcheck

Creating an MVP and AI
diagnostic algorithm
Colaboration with Science University
Working on health care solutions
Covid Selfcheck

What we achieved together

An Opportunity for Better Healthcare

We saw a big opportunity for a resource in the market, to create an application for risk assessment of your symptoms of Covid-19 that would in turn reduce the strain on the healthcare system.

Minimal Viable Product

We are very proud to be collaborating with amazing health care professionals and Universities to create this product at its core. We hope that this application’s features could significantly reduce the involvement of medical personnel in case of a serious threat.

AI and Algorithm

We helped develop an algorithm for early diagnosis to also help the healthcare system as to what to do next. We wanted to create an AI that could predict many cases before overwhelming the system.

Success stories

The purpose
In February 2020, we noticed that there was lots of blockage and misinformation surrounding Covid-19. This is where we saw an opportunity to make a difference. We wanted to help the healthcare system by helping people receive the proper information and early diagnosis of symptoms and predictions.
The Challenges
Since this is a concept that was missing from the market, the biggest challenge was creating an AI and algorithm that inform you of new symptoms, predict how long pandemic will occur, or see the different levels of sickness in different regions. This had to be accomplished while also following government regulations, Apple and app store regulations, and protecting the privacy of the users.
The Solution
Thanks to the algorithm, we have successfully created a tool and information platform which has a serious potential to become implemented by the national health care sector. We are now working closely with a Polish University and a medical science team to bring this resource out to the public as soon as possible.
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