Language Translation Solutions
for Business
Technologies: PHP, HTML5, CSS3,
JavaScript ES6, Jquery
Improved sales process
User-friendly interface
Radio Nowy Świat

What we achieved together

Solving customer acquisition bottlenecks

We introduced a new quote form to gather essential information regarding client needs during the first contact (website visit). By shortening the time between the first prospective contact and giving the first quotation of services, the sales team can now provide initial quotes faster, saving time by avoiding lengthy email exchanges.

Enabling website for future development

The website was built with reusable, module-based components that can be used for further development. This type of development will provide lower costs, save time, and broaden the services offered to our clients in future development.

Improved website performance

With good practices and development standards, we have improved the website performance in various ways. Our development standards provided the company with a legible, responsive website and drastically reduced the number of bugs that were happening before.

Success stories

The workshops worked to acquire new customers by defining sales bottlenecks, simplifying the sales process by improving user experience, and defining customer target groups of potential clients and users. Most importantly, we created a new, extended contact/quote form to explore client needs more precisely.
Complete UX/UI redesign
Our UX team worked with the client to create interactive cycles to define and implement the best user experience based on its final user interface. The interface was programed as a responsive web design, which creates dynamic changes to bigger displays as well as on mobile devices.
Call to Action
With the information provided by the client, we introduced a defined call to action through a quotation form. The form allows the company to learn the needs of their potential clientele by gathering information needed to prepare an accurate quote.
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