Maritime Electronics

Android, Geolocation,
High-frequency events computing
Improved Performance
UX Friendly
Radio Nowy Świat

What we achieved together

Improved User Experience

Our developers were a crucial part in redesigning and reimplementing this platform. It gives users a better experience by consistently updating and providing an uninterrupted use of eternal apps to the internal system, which makes the overall experience seamless.

Improved Performance

The business now has a new, fully upgraded system. Our team of experts has helped move from the old platform to the new Android platform. This gives us the ability to adjust the android capabilities, improve performance rate, and overall easier for the business to maintain.

Interconnection between platforms

The new system has seamless integration between boats and their customizable navigation platform. The system now has the ability to connect external applications seamlessly with the internal entertainment system.

Success stories

Improving Old Systems
Our clients wanted specialized developers with experience in solving challenging, technical problems which will help to build an improved platform, in comparison to older system. To achieve this, we created a series of geolocation applications and pre-installed them on special-purpose devices. Which would be used on the navigation systems of luxury yachts and sports fishing boats.
How to maintain performance
Due to frequent updates, a high amount of data, and high-performance requirements, we had to find ways to combine the above into a series of safe and user-friendly applications while maintaining performance.
Application Modularization
Thanks to the application modularization, it allowed us to not only reuse functionality in sister applications but to also have easier testing and improved performance of every small detail. Overall, improving the entire navigation platform.
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