Retail Software Leader

Industry Retai
Technologies we used: Android,
node, js, microservices, AWS
We created a product that
is Scalable and Testable
The main goal was to develop
a Automated Process and we did
Retail Software Leader

What we achieved together

Testable/Scalable platform

We have fully integrated a scalable platform within the new system. This means that the business will be able to scale and grow with the platform, stress-free.

Automated process

We have created a new, fully automated system for fast release cycles. The new software automation is created for all the warehouses that will collect and ship the groceries out creating a fully automated supermarket from the beginning of the process to the end.

Tools to improve business

The new system gives employees the tools to govern valuable business data and to improve work flow. It ensures that each part of the process is completed to avoid mistakes; from packing to delivering. Making it faster and easier for all employees to complete their work.

Success stories

Improving the internal process
The application was made to improve the internal processes related to the delivery of products, returns, and assistance to drivers. It helped to speed up and monitor the process of delivering goods, support the prevention of errors during the delivery and unloading process, and improve the onboarding of new drivers.
Continuous Adaptation
Continuous development for automatic testing had to be adapted to the specificity of hardware. Where the data provided to the application, could change during the process and needed to adapt at a moment’s notice.
Serverless Application
Thanks to the server-less application, the product could take a high load and maintain excellent performance. Which, together with the architecture by our experts, ensured a good data flow in a testable, reliable, and easy to use environment.
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