VOD Media Player

Video Media Streaming
Mobile Application
Technologies: Swift, AirPlay, Chromecast,
Widevine, Xcode, fastlane and Jenkins
Our team made the application more stable
and by proxy eliminated negative reviews
New User Experience
VOD Media Player

What we achieved together

Reduced Crashes

Our team of experts were able to drastically reduce the number of crashes and instability due to a full rewrite of the application. By having our team implement DRM and linting, the application was more stable and by proxy eliminated negative reviews.

Videos on demand

With the VOD Player, users were able to have full access to videos on demand through our all-in-one application. The application now has the capability to host a large content library and can process high user traffic all with an interrupted stream.

Improved User Experience

The VOD player has a whole new user experience. By using the method of continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD), we were able to give users an application that has a easy-to-use, reliable streaming service.

Success stories

Legacy code viability
The VOD player has a high user traffic and large content library. It needed to be protected against content theft and provide the best quality entertainment which we could achieve thanks to HLS FairPlay and Widevine.
The Challenges
Securing the video library from unauthorized access was our biggest challenge. Our experts choose the optimal architecture that would manage the high traffic in the app and allow users to conveniently browse large resources from the library.
The Solution
To handle high user traffic without any interruptions during streams, our experts used distributed servers and HLS streams. The video quality automatically adjusts to the conditions of the Internet connection. A properly prepared search engine and intelligent recommendation system ensured that users can easily search huge video catalogues. We also secured the app against screen recording and unauthorized access thanks to a safe authentication system and the DRM (Digital Rights Management) security.
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